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PUSH 2 PLAY'S music is enhanced with state-of-the-art technology using high quality backing tracks to emulate a full band experience.  While most musical groups use backing tracks of questionable quality, John and Stephanie have painstakingly recreated every musical note for each song they perform. John plays keyboards and tracks all remaining instruments while Stephanie sings lead and is responsible for laying down all backing vocal tracks showcasing their versatility and commitment to a more authentic, personal musical experience for their audience. 

Stephanie and John bring a mix of diverse musical tastes and styles together that offer the listener a chance to hear songs that are not normally played in musical groups these days. Inspired by the Funk and Jazz Fusion of the 70's & 80's John brings a undeniable feel of rhythm to the group. Stephanie, who is known locally for her hard-edged rock vocal style, perfectly complements the group with her unique interpretations of each song. Together, this blend of musical styles offers a special musical experience not readily found in today's entertainment industry.

PUSH 2 PLAY delivers an extraordinary, quality musical experience that fits almost any budget. For more than a decade now John and Stephanie have been collaborating with great success resulting in a seamless, exciting musical product from old school to the tunes of today.

Consider PUSH 2 PLAY for your next intimate gathering       with friends,  anniversary or  private party. We can add that  special something that makes your event a more memorable one! Tell us about your event on the Contact Page.

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